Our Mission:

It is the mission of David’s Shoes to help young people to understand the devastating effects of

gun violence and to encourage them to honor life. This is accomplished through several

initiatives. It is our goal to collect 3,792 pairs of shoes that represent young people who have

been killed to create an exhibit for students. It is our belief and hope that students who need

wake up calls are given them through this exhibit. We give presentations to schools, church youth

groups as well as any other youth related audience, encouraging the students to honor life.

Various acts of violence are explored: abuse, bullying, domestic violence, and other

acts of violence are important matters for discussions toward resolves. On display are

many of the shoes that have been collected. Each pair of shoes is

tagged identifying the person the shoes represent as well as how their death occurred. A part of

the presentation is to have students view the shoes and read the information.

Another effort to encourage students to honor life is the David’s Shoes Book Scholarship

Program. Males of urban areas have the opportunity to receive a $500 book scholarship for each

of the four years they remain in college. To assist the students, our scholarship recipients are also

matched with a mentor for the four years.